Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Results: Castor Oil

Have you tried castor oil on your hair? How did you use it? Did you like the results? What would you do differently? Comment below!


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

love it! I have JBCO right now but I do scalp massage it every wash day (co wash days) so I can get the benefits of it. I only do it after washes on a clean scalp so it'll be the only thing on my scalp. I've only been using it for 2 weeks so far so I have yet to see the full outcom but I see my sides which were once really thin becoming thicker already to match the rest of my head of hair.

JBCO smells like burnt plastic though :( yikes!

T Dot said...

Best oil I've used so far. It's super thick and coats my strands so that they don't end up all crispy and what not. I haven't been great about using it as much as I should, but I did hear about it's ability to help stimulate hair growth. So I need to get on that. But in general, my hair feels stronger and more moisturized since I began using Castor Oil.

yours truly said...

i just started using this and i have to say it's a bit much on my pocket but a keeper (still trying to play around with stores that sell them at a reasonable price here). currently own a bottle of the cold pressed and cold processed kind and it is SO much thicker than i expected it to be.

been slacking on using it regularly in my hair but it gives your hair a nice feel and makes for a great skin moisturizer too.

D Alexandra said...

best oil ever! not oily but does what you expect an oil to do.

StrongIsShe said...

I looove castor oil. It's awesome and perhaps my favorite product. makes my hair very soft when it is saturated and makes detangling on dry hair possible/easy to get knots out. I highly recommend it and can't wait to try JBCO

Mz.Hopeful said...

I have the castor oil from whole foods. That right there is the business. I love castor oil. It makes me hair so soft, my ends are so strong and my hair is so much thicker

Peace said...

My favorite oil thus far. Loving it and telling people all about it, too. It's not expensive for me because I buy the drug store brand. I have not tried the Jamaican type yet, and I may not. Why change a good thing?

Laine Didi Lina said...

I'm crazy about castor oil.
I'm using it since july and it has helped me a lot to thicker my hair and edges^^
I got an article about it on my blog:

Nice blog!

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