Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Results: Two-Strand Twists

Did you try putting your hair into two-strand twists? Did you like the results? What would you do differently? Comment below!


D Alexandra said...

love it! my hair is super defined and i love fluffing it out to create big defined curls.

keisha said...

i rock these regularly. i usually do a twist set once a month and wear them for a week. if i am bunning, then i will twist my hair into 6-8 jumbo twists for bedtime.

livin2luv said...

Twists are perfect for a busy woman like myself. I usually leave them in for a week then undo them for a twistout. I love to do mine a damp hair, because that makes for a HOT twistout. Usually I'll use shea butter or my KBB for twisting and just spritz them throughout the week. I would like to see how my twists would look when done on dry hair.

Lena Jolie said...

I've rocked some teeny two-strand twists set on rods that were done at a local natural hair salon, and it just looked like my hair was curled-twists undetectable. unless you looked really close! Loved them!! The stylist used hair oil and water--hot right?

I've done my own a few times this year and my twists were puffy the first couple of times (I used Mane n Tail Shea Butter and Aloe Creme the 1st time, and QP Elasta Mango Butter the 2nd time)The third time was a charm, as I used Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel and my twists looked alot better than before.

More recently (this past Friday)I attempted to use Fantasia IC Aloe Styling Gel and saw very quickly that it wasn't gonna be a good idea and it should stay in use as my pony puff helper :) I ended up using the same Lock and Twist Gel I mentioned before--with the goal of smaller, less puffy twists in mind-- and the result was GORGEOUS!! My husband-to-be loved it and so did his family :)

I've learned to stick with what works and always work with wet/damp hair.

I have pics on my blog:

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