Monday, August 10, 2009

We're Back!

Omigosh, I swear I ALWAYS forget how busy convention weeks are. I just returned from the NABJ convention in Tampa yesterday and I am exhausted. In a good way. I had a great time with all my journalism friends and came back rejuvenated. (Sleepy, but rejuvenated. Lol.)

How'd the hair hold up? Ugh... can we say humidity? It was ridiculous. Borderline oppressive. AND it rained every day at about 4:30 on the dot. The clouds would roll in and then WOOSH -- rain. That "convention blow-out" that I showed y'all in the last vid -- it was done five hours after I got off the plane. Lol! So I had to rethink my strategy and ended up doing a few updos for the rest of the week. Although I did try the blow-out one more time, that time making sure to stay out of the humidity and inside a climate-controlled environment at all times.

Another tidbit: I got a pass to see a screening of "Good Hair." Exciting, right! Except when you get lost on the way to a movie theater in a strange city. *le sigh* So by the time we arrived, there were no seats left. Luckily, the theater offered to let us see another flick for free, so we ran across the hall to watch "Julie and Julia." Very cute.

I will say this -- "Good Hair" got great reviews. My friends who saw it (because they got to the movie on time) said it was funny and thought-provoking. And it was a basis of great conversation in the group shuttle back to the airport the next day, between a TV reporter who regularly rocks weaves to appear on screen and a print reporter who was wearing her natural hair in long twists.

All in all, convention was a blast, as always. Whatever profession you're in, I STRONGLY suggest you joins its national organization and make friends. My NABJ friends are not only some of my best buddies, but also some of the best in the business, and I'm so glad to see them every year.

Next stop -- San Diego in 2010!


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What is NABJ?

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Love your blog girl!

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